Saturday, November 6, 2010


For fucksake, shits, and giggles, I'm gonna randomly share what I googled, during the day.  It's really funny to see.  Today, here's what I just had to find:

  • GS Boyz - I was looking up these fellas, cuz I've been listening to music all day.  They came up with the stupid club hit Stanky Leg.  Curios, I wondered if they'd had any other hits.  Nope.
  • I'm Doing Me lyrics - Fantasia's song was on and there was a part that I couldn't understand.  Naturally, I pressed pause, googled the lyrics, and then proceeded to sing along, and 
  • Angela Simmons Gimme Dat - Ciara's song came on and I love it.  I remember first hearing it, via a YouTube video that Angela Simmons made lip syncing and dancing to her song.  


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