Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reb'l Fleur

Easter was this weekend.  I don't celebrate it, which has nothing to do my Buddhism.  Way before I became Buddhist, or a Buddhist - however you wanna say it, I didn't celebrate it.  I can remember taking the kids to church a time or two, but it was for the most *shallowistic reasons.  I actually loved how cute my babies looked in countless layers of tule and Steve Harvey-esque suits, with matching "alligator" shoes!  Easter, for me, it was an occasion to get dressy.  I do know some of the basics about Easter and what it represents. In my Buddha world a lil something something happened on Sunday.  I can't even call it.  I guess my faith was resurrected and rejuvenated too.  I hadn't been chanting much and found myself casually mumbling "nam myoho renge kyo" as though it were an after thought.  There were always things I'd have in mind, stuff like where I want to be professionally, physically and of course romantically.  As a girl, and I'm such one, we seem to be stuck in the place where we want to high-five and or middle-finger love.  We'd much rather the former, but the latter is more acceptable. When we openly profess that we want to be all up in it, we get the gas face and unsolicited cautionary tales of good boys gone bad. When it's schmeared with fear, who the fuck in their right mind would want it? Well if loving is wrong, I don't wanna be write.           

*inside joke