Monday, June 13, 2011


I tweeted this a few minutes ago.

" aGoalDigger

My cousin posted on my wall "Ha! That profile pic says it all."  I agreed and then I took to Twitter.  It made me think about how annoyed my friends have gotten in the past when I'm on my phone and I wonder why.  It's NOT like I stay on it all of the time, but what's wrong with my checking my phone or responding to a text or tweet when I'm with my friends?  And let's be clear, I'm NOWHERE near where I want to be professionally (outside of my 9-5 that is) so when things REALLY get poppin', the annoyance and gasps will most assuredly be disregarded.  Maybe it's more acceptable if it's for work?  IDK, but I look at shows like the Kardashians, specifically Kim and I think "Now there's a reason to be annoyed."  I stand firmly that I'm not like that, but I'm not ruling out the future possibility.  So for now, you guys have to deal with it. 

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  1. I try not to text/tweet/etc when I am with friends or on a date. BUT you know I love Twitter so it can be difficult sometimes... In class I tweet because it helps to pass the time and to check in on what other people are doing.

    I guess it depends on if it's a one on one situation and your friend/family/date is trying to have a direct conversation with you at that moment.


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