Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last night was so damn fun, and there's nothing better than an unexpected cackle.  Wait, yes there is.  What's better, is an unexpected, seemingly never-ending, hardy laugh.  I had that.  I did that.

The day was a normal, work day.  My work hubby and I made up...again and all was well.  The kids arrived home safely from school and I was all set to work on some blog drafts, when my homeboy texts me about the comedy show he was attending later.  I told him that my co-worker and her guy went the previous night.  He asked what she said, because apparently this was a new show, and I told him that she hadn't reported back.  After a brief conversation with her, it turns out they didn't go, but were on the way, at THAT moment.  I got giddy.  I texted my homeboy and yeah so I basically invited myself to kick it with him, his lady, his boy, and his lady, thus therefore making myself their +1.

Fast forward to warning the kids about not opening the door and keeping hands off of the other.  I threw on something cute and comfy and bolted.  Ah, the advantages of having older kids!

I arrived to find my co-worker and her boo sitting at the perfect seat, holding an empty space for me.  I was their +1 too, awww.  (Are you detecting the love?) The show didn't start until after 8, which was cool.  It gave me a chance to call my girl and holla at her for a minute.  While I was outside, my homeboy and nem arrived.  I dapped them up (still on the phone) and they went inside. I followed soon thereafter when I heard intro music!  I gets in and the local comedian Red Grant is on stage.  He's the host and he was pretty damn funny.  I've never seen or heard him, but I was pleasantly surprised at how I was laughing.  I'd only had one drink, so don't blame it on the alcohol.  He intro'd a few comics, and the lead singer from the go-go band Suttle Thoughts came on.  Had chicks up in there swooning.  Right before the featured comic, Red pulled a guy onto the stage who apparently is repping the DMV area AND is part of Prince's band.  Yes theeee Prince.  That dude played a phucking harmonica.  Nah, he murdered that shyt.  Peep my vid and pardon my cheers.

While I'd already gotten a good dose of my laugh on, nothing prepared me for what was next. Red Grant did the whole "coming to the stage we got...." thing.  Immediately, I peeped the comic's dimple.  It was so deep and prominent and just precious.  He said a few jokes and I think I saw a white light.  I'm not lying.  The rest of the night was a hilarious blur of sorts.  And if I couldn't fall back on my good looks, I'd be really embarrassed at my behavior.  I became "that chick."  You know...the one who loses all control of everything just because they're laughing.  That was me.  At some point, during the evening I:
  • dramatically fell over the bar where I was sitting,
  • stood up declaring that I was going to leave,
  • begged the comedian to get off the stage,
  • stomped my feet,
  • spun COMPLETELY around on my stool,
  • turned my back to the comedian,
  • grabbed the lady beside,
  • leaned on the lady beside me,
  • extended my hand for five, from the lady beside me,
  • high fived the lady beside,
  • did the previous 3 things to my co-worker...and her guy,
  • walked over to the my homeboy's table and did said things to him and his lady,
  • hollered,
  • yelled at the comic to "stop"
  • loudly answered the questions he posed to the audience,
  • finger snapped,
  • was all "uh, no he didn't," 
  • complained about my cheeks and abs hurting, and 
  • unapologetically did the most.  
Everybody deserves to freely feel what I felt and I hope that one day you do.  

P.S. How much of a wanksta would I be if I didn't tell you who had me in stitches actin' a complete fool?  His name, drum roll...Mark Viera!!!!!!!!!! Here's a taste of what he did.



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