Monday, May 2, 2011


After a craptastically, fuckalicious week, Saturday evening came as a pleasant and unexpected surprise.  I hardly ever wear half of the shyt that I purchase.  Keeping it really real, I have a closet full of "just in case" pieces.  As Rihanna said, "I'm such a fucking lay-day, you don't have to be so afraid," so if there is EVER a chance for me to gussied up, I'm gonna take it.  Took the hell outta it, too.  I'm fond of my shape and I've been known to work the curves and prop that thang up juuuuust right in a booty popping, taken from the side pic.  But on Saturdee I was demure as hell.  I loved it.  A hint of my back showed and it was the perfect amount, especially since my bra never made an appearance in the sliver of back fabric.  What's dress made a delicate swish swashy noise, which made it seem all the more fancy.  My 6 inch heels matched splendidly and who doesn't want the freedom to carry an eentsy weensy purse containing nothing but lip stuff?  Who???  I tell ya.  I felt like a doll and twirled like one.  I'm totally looking forward to more days like that.

Butt of course there's a quasi-booty shot.

My smile was so bright.  I couldn't hide it.  


  1. You look good.
    Love the dress and the shoes . . and you may send them both to me now (and all the other I never wear them pieces in the closet).
    I am glad that after a crappy week you were able to get out Saturday and not only shine but look/feel good too.

  2. You always look hot in my opinion in all the photos you post. This was no exception so cute.


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