Tuesday, March 1, 2011

IRregardless it's IRregular

I'm normally a really punctual chick, so that I've been running habitually late to work, for the last month or so has me vexed.  Today was not out of the ordinary.  I was late.  I got up in time.  Got showered and dressed in time, but still managed to be tardy.  I know part of the time wasted had to do with multiple visits to the mirror.

As I'm at work, I'm never really comfortable with my outfit.  When that happens, I'm reclusive and fidgety. Like today.  Individually I like what I''m wearing, but it didn't come together properly.  The shirt, we'll examine later.  For starters, the obvious is the wrinkled skirt.  What you don't see is how it's slightly twisted and honestly it appears as if one could seemingly wear this "backwards" too.  It's just odd and misshapen and kinda baggy (though it's a 6).  I think this is one of those skirts I bought on sale somewheres and the shyt was discounted because of an unspecified irregularity.  That's got to be it.  My tights were even tattered.  I lasted a good hour or two in 'em, before I trotted my azz down to CVS and bought a replacement pair.  I must say, they're a keeper.   

My shirt fell victim to most shirts I wear.  SWEAT. It's always the right pit and it's always annoying.  Trust me, I take this into account with every purchase I make.  Sometimes I'll say ef it (as in this case) and buy the damn shirt, but I pay the price later.  I never stink, p.s.  It just looks bad, along with that silly facial expression of mine.  When the day was over, I felt and eventually looked better.  


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