Monday, October 4, 2010

She's Alive!!!

I was quite the social bumblebee this weekend. Wait, it's a butterfly!  I'm going overboard comparing myself to anything or one who fluttered in and out of the DC social scene.  I went out to a god damn happy hour in ANNAPOLIS (the MD state Capitol), on Thursday.  Friday I had dinner and dancing with my girlfriend and her co-workers.  Damn, that's a stretch.  Okay, we had an appetizer at DC Coast (see pic below of "shrimp and grits") and then we went to Park.
You can barely tell, but that really was shrimp and grits, though I mostly tasted corn and something spicy.  I'm NOT complaining, because it was really delish.  I've been inspired to taste and eat anything, since watching the latest season of Top Chef.  I hardly ever know the ingredients, but they seem to look so damn good that, while this dish sounds pretty basic, my taste buds were doing a two step.  And since the restaurant can come across all hoity toity, I let my tongue do the jig and saved my actual moves for the club later.  Now, the club was totally different since last I trotted my ass out there.  It was such a scene and quite frankly I was amused.  Pleased.  Pleased that I'd gone out.  Pleased that I saw my friend Tiffany, who I hadn't laid my precious eyes on in forever.  Pleased with my outfit. 

But mostly I was pleased with my confidence.  I didn't care that my insanely wide-legged jeans were in a league of their own (per Rachel Zoe, my baggy, skinny, fashion idol).  I didn't care that my boobies were covered, in a sea of round ones spilling out all over the place.  I didn't care that there wasn't a single soul in the hizzy worthy of my digits or time.  I just wanted and needed a breather and I got it.    


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