Monday, March 12, 2012

Mission Possible

I tell ya, I never envisioned myself one to participate in or need the assistance of a Life Coach, but I do.  We all do, in my opinion.  The presence of one doesn't have negative connotations.  It means you're all about improving your life space.  I see nothing wrong with it.  Day 6 of my 31 Day Reset Program calls for me to put together a mission statement, based on the values I've identified as being most important to me in Day 5.  I kept this to myself, but am sharing my mission statement.  P.S. I'm actually hella late on my other days, but this program is important for me to complete, so I'm playing catch up today.

Thanks for reading...

"My life will always be meaningful, because honesty is my highest value.  I will strive to incorporate authenticity and truthfulness in everything that I do, say, and become.  I hope to be an example for my family, friends, enemies, and strangers.  With sincerity and financial responsibility, I will secure my children's futures.  I will give love and accept it, like I've never been hurt.  I will dance and sing and travel with him.  Like a lotus flower, I will fearlessly blossom.  I will shamelessly share my Buddhism and become a Bodhisattva. Through my spirituality, I will conquer fear and I will win.  I will win."  


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