Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Ordinary Boy is Gonna Do

Eyes beautiful enough to make a cat jealous.  Lips pouty enough that no pursing is permitted.  Michelle Pfeifer has it all.  She can do no wrong in my eyes.  She's sleek and underrated.  My love affair started with the sequel to Grease, Grease 2.  It hasn't ended.  I don't think it ever will.  I never saw Grease and I never will.  I don't know why I identify with her character so much.  She's a young, idolized, popular girl in high school.  The only thing we had in common was our youth.  That's it, but I guess that was enough.  Every song she belted out, flew into me.  Earlier today, Cool Rider randomly played on my media player, because yes I have the soundtrack.  I smiled and thought, with all I've been through with these damn fools out here, I need a motha phuckin' Cool Rider.  I really think it's worth listening to, but what do I know?

Cool Rider

If you really want to know
What I want in a guy...
Well, I'm lookin' for a dream on a mean machine
With hell in his eyes.
I want a devil in skin tight leather,
And he's gonna be wild as the wind.
And one fine night, I'll be holdin' on tight...

To a coooool rider, a coooool rider.
If he's cool enough,
He can burn me through and through.
Whhoa ohhhh
If it takes forever,
Then I'll wait forever.
No ordinary boy,
No ordinary boy is gonna do.
I want a rider that's cool.

That's the way it's gonna be,
And that's the way that I feel.
I want a whole lot more than the boy next door,
I want hell on wheels.
Just give me a fine motorcycle,
With a man growin' out of the seat.
And move aside, cause I'm gonna ride...


I don't want no ordinary guys,
Comin' on strong to me.
They don't know what I'm lookin' for,
They don't know what I need.
They're gonna know when he gets here,
Cause the crowd will be shakin'.
I'll do anything to let him know,
That I'm his, his for the takin'.

I want a coooooool rider,
A cool, cool, cool, cool rider.
I want a coooooool rider,
A cool, cool, cool, cool rider.
I want a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R.
I need a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R.


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