Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mixing Things Up

(Jacket and shirt are thrifted; Shorts from Target; Shoes are Audrey Brooks, from DSW)

This may look a wee bit off, but I promise, the color coordination is all there.  I'm not really happy with the fit of my shorts, but I'm totally in love with them.  Who doesn't love a wool short?  WHO? Best of all, I love the details of the inside.  It's the reason I decided to make my floral and woven patterns BFFs. 


  1. Most people wouldn't think about wearing shorts to work, but when paired with stockings and the jacket it works.
    The pants, jacket, shoes are solid in color so i like that you added a patterned shirt to break up the look and give it an accent.

    89x on twitter

  2. Yay, thanks! I don't think, however, I'll be wearing the shorts again. I just don't like how they fit - maybe too baggy and it washes away what lil booty I have. Ha!


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