Friday, July 16, 2010

New Heights

Yesterday did the most.  I'm all over the web and received some exciting news, like hands shaking, top of the lung screaming news.  I grabbed my cell and called my best friend in the whole wide world.  She's that "ride or die" girlfriend we all need and want in our lives. So, I'm yelling at her and she's yelling at me and I imagined, if the miles weren't so great between us, that we'd be jumping up and down, clinking glasses, and splashing mimosas everywhere.  Instead, she popped my eardrums and vicey versey.*  I tried to write down everything she was saying, but I couldn't.  Fuck it.  We're besties and I'll get the details and career advice later, I thought. Sharing that moment with her was the best.  I didn't think "if only I had a man" I'd call him first.  Nope, I didn't.  He would have been second or third and I envision a celebratory e-bouquet or card sent to me.  Yup, he's so phucking sweet.  He would have done just that.  Gosh, I'm gonna love him.

*I know these aren't real words, but they're hella fun to say. 


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